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Toshiba DP-85F (Archived Product Data)

Toshiba DP-85F (Archived Product Data)
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Model: Toshiba DP-85F
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Average Rating: Not Rated





Super G3 High-speed Communications (DP85F only)

Provides state-of-the-art V.34 modem technology for worldwide compatibility at

speeds up to 33,600 bits per second.

High Resolution, 128 Level Halftone

With a maximum resolution of 16 dots/mm x 15.4 lines/mm (406 DPI x 391 LPI)

and 128 level halftone, precision drawings, small-size characters, photographs,

etc. are copied, sent, and received with exceptional clarity.

Open Network Mailbox Systems

Your new Toshiba provides ITU-T F-code communication for Open Mailbox operation.

Rapid Scan Document Scanning

Allows letter sized originals to be scanned into memory in as little as 3 seconds

per page.

38 Programmable One Touch Autodialer Keys

Allows remote locations to be quickly dialed at the touch of a key saving time and

eliminating mis-dialed phone numbers.

100/150 Abbreviated Autodial Locations

In addition to the 38 One Touch Autodialer Keys, 100 (DP80F)/150 (DP85F) abbreviated

locations can also be programmed with other frequently called locations.

These locations can then be easily accessed using abbreviated codes ranging

from 001 to 999.

5 Function Keys

Five frequently used functions are assigned to the keys located on the right side of

One Touch Index Panel. These keys allow direct access to frequently used function

settings and operations.

Multi-address (Broadcast Transmission)

This feature allows the transmission of a document to multiple remote units with

one operation sequence. Locations may be selected using the autodialer or infrequently

dialed locations that have not been preregistered.

Multi-Memory Access Operation

Allows up to 4 operations such as transmission or reception, printing, scanning,

and programming to be performed at the same time.

Super Power Saver Mode

Reduces power consumption to approx. 2W by turning all unnecessary functions

off in the standby mode.

Substitute Memory Reception

When the recording paper or supplies have been depleted or in the event of a

recording paper jam, your receptions will be safely stored in memory until the

problem is corrected.

Memory Release

Minimizes the potential for memory overflows when connected with a remote location.

After each page has been successfully transmitted it is released from memory

to make room for subsequent pages.


Installing the TOSHIBA Viewer software that comes with the machine enables

following functions (see page 244).

• 600 dpi plain paper laser printer

PC print jobs are printed on plain paper at a crisp 600 dpi print resolution.

• Setting and programming the machine from a PC

You can set up and program the machine from a PC.

• PC Scanner function

The machine can be used as a Twain compatible B/W image scanner (16 dots/

mm x 15.4 dots/mm max.).

User Test Mode

The user test mode can help you to find the cause of a machine problem should a

failure occur.

Auto Supply Order Function

This function allows the machine to order supplies (Drum Kit and Toner Kit) automatically.


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